Author: Kevin Gibbons

Kevin Gibbons

Kevin Gibbons is CEO at SEO and content marketing agency BlueGlass.

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Do Google's single-result SERPs raise more questions than answers?

Could search results ever be stripped down to a box revealing just a single answer? 

Could Google offer the ultimate user experience without ten blue links to plough through? Just the answer in a clearly marked box.

URL vs social media tracking

Why marketers are failing to track 87% of their content shares

Although most brands confine their analysis of social sharing to share buttons and email newsletter tracking, our latest experiment shows that 87% of all shares are made through copy-and-paste direct from the address bar.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an easy way to track this data, until now.

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Digital Marketing Teams

Two things you need to sync content calendars across search, social & PR teams

Every time I meet with new digital teams, although each is different, I’ve started to notice they all share a similar trend of challenges.

Surprisingly it isn’t always what you’d expect, it’s simply the ability to have everyone working together towards an aligned goal to get things done.

12 Agency Traits

The secret sauce: 12 essential traits for a successful agency

All agencies operate in a competitive landscape, where despite key strengths and differentiation points, everyone broadly does the same job.

We offer similar services to clients, we have common skillsets, etc - so what makes an agency successful?

We asked The Agency Collective to speak to 12 agency owners, founders and directors about what essential traits an agency must have in order to be successful and build long and mutually beneficial relationships with their clients.


How do you beat Google in vertical search?

Relying on Google is a risky game. It always has been, but ever-increasingly over the last two years it’s becoming clear that relying heavily on Google traffic can hold an uncertain future.

I’ve seen a huge amount of brands who are performing extremely well via organic search, some are great at PPC, others social media.

Within their own specific channels they’re killing it, or perhaps more importantly making an absolute killing! But it’s getting more difficult and with more competition, comes bigger budgets and tighter margins.


Integrated vs specialist: have agency models changed in 2013?

Over the last 12 months, we’ve started to see some significant shifts in the agency model and client-agency relationship. Having been involved in working with and running a number of agencies since 2003, I thought I’d share the direction I see things heading.

In some way this is a series of mini-posts, so you might want to grab a cup of tea first! But it should go to show the challenges agencies face in order to keep evolving and stay on top of their game.


10 ways to create a great content campaign

I know a lot of people who are great marketers, but when blogging they often worry that they don’t have something which is important or unique enough to share online.

Normally this is at the risk that someone may have said something similar before.

That makes sense in a lot of ways and it is a valid concern which I admit to thinking myself when creating new content, or speaking at an event. Of course you always want to impress by telling people something they don’t know.

Content Marketing in the UK

The state of content marketing in the UK [infographic]

Econsultancy recently released its first Content Marketing Survey Report, sponsored by Outbrain, based on a survey of more than 1,300 marketers.

We found that this presented some very interesting insights into the current market within the UK. Most notably, that while 90% believe content marketing will become more important over the next 12 months, only 38% of companies have a content marketing strategy in place!

This means that 62% of businesses are missing huge marketing opportunities. 


Why good SEOs should look like they don't exist

We've seen a lot of changes in the SEO world over the last six months, with content marketing in particular becoming a hotter topic almost by the day. 

But if you really think about what a good SEO campaign should look like, it's pretty obvious that link manipulation and over-optimisation is never what Google was looking for when reviewing quality in sites.

In fact, in the words of Google themselves; creating quality content is the single biggest thing you can do!


The importance of building 'Good to Great' teams to win online

The single biggest thing I would say I've learned during the last few years is the importance of hiring the right people and growing a great team.

An excellent book to explain this far better than I ever could is Good to Great by Jim Collins. This highlights the value in building a great team and having the right people on the bus simply can't be underestimated if you're looking to make big leaps forward.


How does Google+ impact SEO performance?

Last week I presented at SMX London on a Google+ panel which looked at research I had done on the impact Google+ has to organic search.

The research showed some very interesting results!


The best free resources for an online start-up

If you're finally building a website for your company then the chances are you're doing it on a budget, but there are hundreds of useful free resources out there to help.

From free images on Flickr to free analysis from Google, here are the best freebies to help you build your site, fill it with attractive content and climb the SERPs.