Author: Kevin Gibbons

Kevin Gibbons

Kevin Gibbons is CEO at SEO and content marketing agency BlueGlass.

Why Wikipedia is top on Google: the SEO truth no-one wants to hear

There was an interesting study published this week which looked at 1,000 search terms in Google and measured the rankings for, which posed the question does Google give too much prominence to Wikipedia?

As a quick recap, Wikipedia ranked for a huge 99% of the terms (as selected with a random noun generator).

While many people may consider this an unfair bias from Google towards Wikipedia, I'm not so sure...


Don't slack off your SEO resolutions

January's nearly over and many people have already ditched the diets and abandoned the gym. But if your New Year's resolution was to boost your company's online potential, then you simply cannot afford to let it slide.

Here are some motivating facts and figures, along with a few top tips on website optimisation...


What big brands can learn from bloggers

Businesses are usually at the forefront of online marketing. But when it comes to utilising social platforms, there's a lot they could learn from humble bloggers.

In this post, I look at some social promotional tactics that mega-brands could benefit from, if only they could carry them off.


How to meet customers' multiplatform expectations

We’re living in a multi-platform retail environment and that’s a great thing for marketers, mostly. 

On the one hand, there’s a wide variety of ways to interact with people and drive sales. If a potential customer doesn’t respond positively to emails, they may be more willing to connect with your firm on Facebook, for example.

But the downside is that consumers have far higher expectations, particularly of the bigger brands. If you aren’t catering to their platform of choice, you risk frustrating them and devaluing your company.

Here are a few of the main platforms your customers may expect you to be actively using – and how you can meet their expectations.

Crack the algorithm!

50 search marketing tips for beginners

How can you make the most of your SEO budget? What techniques get you penalised by the search engines? Is it possible to increase the returns on your optimisation investment?

Last month I wrote about how to fit SEO alongside your day job, so I’ve compiled this list of 50 rules and tips to help boost your website’s ranking and performance.


How to impress at an SEO interview

More students than ever before begin university this autumn and they’re likely to graduate into a tough job market.

So what can would-be SEOers do to boost their employment chances?


How to fit SEO alongside your day job

Can a small business owner really fit enough optimisation into their day to make a difference?

I often fall into conversation with ambitious men and women who’ve started their own businesses but can’t yet afford the services of an SEO agency. It’s often very frustrating for them.


How to lose friends and influence no one

Too many businesses seem to forget customer service and best practice as soon as they venture online. They behave as though any sales behaviour is allowed via the internet.

In fact, with so many people relying on the web for shopping, socialising and research, these companies risk alienating huge numbers of people and damaging their corporate reputations.


25 reasons why you should be blogging

Blogging has never been so popular, particularly among the online marketing community. But why should you take it up? Here are 25 good reasons…


How to sell curry on the web!

I came home on Friday to find not one but four different takeaway menus through my letterbox and it got me thinking: What a waste of paper and someone’s time these disposable fliers are.

It would be much better for the millions of curry houses, pizza places, kebab shops and Chinese restaurants to invest that time and money into some decent online marketing instead. After all, a huge amount of people now go online when they want to order food, meaning you can market to them at exactly the moment they want to buy.

at to do if you can’t afford SEO

What to do if you can’t afford SEO

Many small businesses are trapped. They know their companies could grow by marketing online more effectively but they do not have a big enough annual budget to get an agency to work for them.

So what can they do? Knowing they are missing out on considerable potential revenue but not having enough spare cash to chase that revenue must be frustrating.


Managing your first online marketing project

Overseeing an offline company’s first steps into online marketing can be challenging for even the most experienced project manager.

Yet I keep meeting hardworking but inexperienced small business employees who’ve found themselves suddenly thrust into the world of online marketing, usually after heading up the company's offline promotions.