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Kevin Gibbons

Kevin Gibbons is CEO at SEO and content marketing agency BlueGlass.

A potted history of search engines

It continues to astound me that the search engine optimisation (SEO) sector has only been around for a few short years. It has developed into such a massive space, supporting so many individuals, companies and marketing strategies that it seems impossible it has grown up in such a short time.
So how has the industry developed so rapidly and what from? Well, for those who love minutiae, trivia and senseless levels of background knowledge, here it is: A Potted History of Search Engines.


Ways to reduce comment spam

An article on Google's Webmaster Central Blog warns comment spam can contain "disturbing" images and content, which can put off consumers and other readers.


Quality not quantity with social platforms

Quality in social networking can be a difficult thing to measure. Return on investment and brand placement is easy to see and measure - that is the beauty of the web - but as the online world gets more competitive, it becomes harder to operate in.

This means the quality of conversations with consumers, and not the quantity, becomes a vital aspect of a successful marketing campaign.

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The three most redundant search debates

The ever-changing world of search engine optimisation (SEO) has a number of debates that keep taking place across blogs, in articles and at trade shows.

However, many of them become out of date as the sector evolves.


Supermarkets ignoring SEO for major keywords

Last week Econsultancy's Graham Charlton took a look at Ten things Asda can do better online.

What I found surprising is that neither Asda, or any of the other leading UK supermarkets, rank above #9 in Google UK for the term 'supermarket'.


SEO losing out to paid search budgets

British firms will spend a quarter more on search advertising this year than last, a new report released by E-consultancy predicts.

The online marketing maestros have published their Search Engine Marketing Buyer's Guide, which forecasts search marketing spending will increase by 24% this year.


10 reasons why Twitter is great for the search industry

Twitter was launched back in July 2006, and many people wouldn’t have expected to remember it even a few weeks later.

But two years on, writes Kevin Gibbons, it’s still going from strength-to-strength and continuing to prove many of its early doubters wrong.

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Why you need to know PPC to be great at SEO

Andrew Girdwood wrote an article in April last year, which spoke about why to be great at PPC you have to be good at SEO.

There are some excellent tips here, which are well worth taking a look back over, but I believe this can be applied both ways.

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