Author: Kieran Flanagan

Kieran Flanagan

GDPR: Why the opportunities far outweigh the costs

Instilling trust in users can be a significant challenge for marketers. Every one of us has at one time been fooled by a mis-sold product, over-hyped service, or B.S. guarantee. 

These lies are annoying and could lead to a financial loss. However, they all pale in comparison to a far more serious trust issue. One which is forefront in the consumer’s mind every time they have to hand over their email address, telephone number, or personal details.


The rapid growth of inbound marketing in the UK: infographic

79% of UK companies implemented inbound marketing strategies in 2014. This is a year-over-year growth of 25%.

That one stat highlights how fast inbound marketing has grown in the U.K and is comparable to the U.S adoption rate of 85%