Author: King Yiu Chu

King Yiu Chu

King Yiu has over eleven years of experience in the online space - in both mobile and the web.

He is currently at Layar, where he is responsible for spreading the word about augmented reality on mobile to anyone that is interested in starting to work with AR on mobile. He is also responsible for fostering the expansion of the Layar ecosystem by working with creative and digital agencies, brands, developers, data suppliers and media companies. As an organisation, Layar aims to make the world around us more informative, fun and digitally interactive through augmented reality on mobile devices.

Previously, King was VP Monetisation at Nimbuzz, where his main responsibilities lay within all current and future revenue generating services. Prior to this he held the Product Manager role at Nimbuzz.

Why Facebook bought Whatsapp

Why Facebook bought WhatsApp

A lot of people wondered why Facebook paid so much money for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is 100% social, and you don’t have companies in your phone book. Many companies and online services would love to send you messages in your WhatsApp box while it’s free messaging. But they can’t.

What if customers could drop their mobile number at any online site or mobile app via their Facebook login and stay in control over the permission they gave you as a service?

Customers can even withdraw their permission before you even send a message. This is my take on what Facebook could do.