Author: Lee Duddell

Lee Duddell

Lee is the Founder of WhatUsersDo. He is passionate about improving User Experience through insight. And not guesswork or opinion.

mobile best practice

Five best practice tips to boost mobile conversions

With mobile now accounting for the majority of visits to retail websites, it’s crucial that retailers deliver a mobile experience that drives conversions.

To help ecommerce professionals understand how to improve mobile UX we recently examined 15 leading retail sites from the point of view of smartphone shoppers. 

A/B Testing

Five ways user insight improves A/B testing

A/B Testing is more successful when it is driven by insight from users, but how should you go about incorporating it?


Smartphone UX: five key insights from UK retailers

How well are the UK’s retail sites performing for smartphone users? 

In this post we examine five key insights from a report that was produced by usability testing 15 leading UK retail sites with real smartphone users.