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Linus Gregoriadis

Research Director at Econsultancy.

Research Director at digital marketing research and training company Econsultancy, managing a fast-growing team of analysts.

Econsultancy, which has offices in London, New York and Singapore, is a subscriptions-based business offering analysis and insight about marketing and ecommerce to more than 200,000 registered users.

Multichannel customer experience: how mature is your organisation?

'Mature' companies have overcome technical and data challenges in their quest to deliver a compelling multichannel customer experience, while less mature organisations are neglecting customer service and staff empowerment while they struggle to catch up, according to new research published by Econsultancy and Foviance today.

The second annual Multichannel Customer Experience Report shows the extent to which organisations are committed to delivering an integrated experience in a world where the customer journey is becoming increasingly complex due to evolving technology and the proliferation of devices. The study, based on a survey of more than 650 companies and agencies, looks at what the most successful multichannel companies are doing differently to those who are struggling.


Q&A: James Gurd on B2B content marketing

B2B Content Marketing Best Practice GuideE-commerce and digital marketing consultant James Gurd is the author of our new B2B Content Marketing Best Practice Guide, which we've published this week in the build-up to our inaugural FUNNEL event on 1 November in London.

Below, he answers some questions about his 104-page report. 

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Data overload: five key themes

The proliferation of data is to marketers what the faster-than-light neutrino is to physicists. Scary and exciting in equal measure, shaking perceptions of what is possible and opening up new worlds of opportunity ... and pain.

While sadly we don't touch on time-travel, data is very much a topic which permeates our latest Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, published this week in association with Adobe.

Below, I've outlined five key data-related themes covered in the report. 


Q&A: Kevin Cochrane of Adobe on customer experience management

Kevin CochraneAdobe launched its Digital Enterprise Platform last week as part of its goal of providing companies with a full suite of customer experience management (CEM) products in a multichannel age. 

We have interviewed Kevin Cochrane, Adobe’s vice president of enterprise marketing, who talks about the increased focus on customer experience across a range of business sectors and explains why technology is only part of the equation.  

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Q&A: Ari Paparo of AppNexus on real-time bidding and yield optimization

Ari PaparoAri Paparo, Senior Vice President of Product for real-time ad platform AppNexus, gave an engaging talk at last month's AdMonsters conference in London about real-time bidding and 'Yield Management 3.0'. After his presentation, we asked the former product leader for DoubleClick and Google some more questions about the impact of RTB and plans for AppNexus expansion into Europe.  

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Calling all UK affiliates: the 2011 Affiliate Census is now live

In partnership with A4u, Econsultancy has this week launched the 2011 Affiliate Census, which is aimed at shining a spotlight on the affiliate publishers who drive billions of pounds in revenue for advertisers every year. 

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Choosing attribution technology - five things to consider

Econsultancy's first Marketing Attribution Management Buyer's Guide looks in detail at this fast-growing market, with profiles of the leading players and tips for those looking for a supplier.

Here, we outline five of the most important considerations for those looking for an attribution vendor.   


Poor online experience costing business billions

Reducing Customer StruggleCompanies are losing out on billions of dollars and pounds in revenue due to a poor online experience, according to research published today by Econsultancy and Tealeaf. A global survey of more than 500 businesses for the Reducing Customer Struggle report found that companies able to quantify site abandonment estimate they are losing the equivalent of 24% of their annual online revenue due to a bad website experience. 


Vendors stake claim for marketing attribution business

Marketing Attribution Management Buyer's GuideAttribution is one of the hottest topics in the world of digital marketing at the moment. As more companies try to tackle this area, Econsultancy has this week published a Marketing Attribution Management Buyer's Guide, with a focus on market trends and the main players in this sector. 

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Debenhams wins award as affiliate marketing gets more integrated

The a4uAwards were held in London last night and it was great to see some excellent case studies in multichannel marketing among the winners. As usual, Econsultancy was represented on the judging panel. Among those picking up gongs at the annual UK performance marketing industry 'Oscars' was Debenhams for its in-store voucher redemption campaign. 


Focus on conversion rate optimization drives MVT market

Multivariate Testing Buyer's GuideEconsultancy has today published its first Multivariate Testing (MVT) Buyer's Guide to reflect the growing interest in testing technology and conversion rate optimization. Below is an outline of the main trends in this market, which are covered in much more detail in the report.


Q&A: James Gurd on running a successful e-commerce ITT

How to Run a Successful E-commerce ITTE-commerce consultant James Gurd is the author of Econsultancy's new report entitled How to Run a Successful E-commerce ITT which is aimed at e-commerce managers. The report, which will also interest vendors and agencies, goes into great detail about the whole Invitation to Tender process. Here, he answers some questions about the report and what drove him to write it.