Author: Luke Griffiths

Luke Griffiths

Luke Griffiths is VP and general manager, UK, at Klarna. You can find him on LinkedIn.


Will 'buy now, pay later' change the in-store customer experience?

With less distinction between online and offline commerce, we’re in a new era of “omni-shopping”.

For retailers, that means they should be offering customers a seamless journey both online and offline.  


Four tips for reducing checkout abandonment

All retailers - from huge multinationals to the independent -  face the same dilemna. Why do online shoppers abandon their baskets, and what can they do to improve?  

Dropped baskets can happen at any stage of the customer journey, and can be due to a range of reasons, from a poorly designed website to a lack of fulfilment options. But it’s even more frustrating when this happens at the final hurdle, when customers are clicks away from getting through to the confirmation page.