Author: Malcolm Slade

Malcolm Slade

Originally a mechanical engineer, I took the life changing decision to follow my childhood dream of programming games for the BBC Model B aged 28. After gaining a 2:1 in Computing with AI and Industry from Leeds University I joined Epiphany Search in 2005 to develop our SEO offering.

Having studied a large number of technical disciplines such as Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Complexity, Programming, Advanced Programming, Natural Language Processing etc., I quickly gained a high level of technical knowledge leading to me being responsible for heading up the technical side of SEO at Epiphany.

I have also developed a large part of our internal toolkit and work closely with our internal development group to keep Epiphany ahead of the game. I am a founding member of the Epiphany think tank (Epiphany Experts) and have a keen interest in what Google is going to do next rather than what they are doing now.

10 ways to get the most from PPC in a small-keyword category

How can search marketers maintain visibility and acquire new customers without simply increasing their paid search bids?

Competition is growing among home insurance brands vying for attention in Google’s search results. 

In this blog I’ve summarised the findings our new report that, while focusing in on home insurance as a category, demonstrates how search marketers operating in a highly-competitive category can achieve visibility and acquire new customers without simply increasing their paid search bids.

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Le Tour de France: six lessons for search marketers

Cycling has really picked up momentum in the UK. British success has made the sport more popular than ever and search volumes are rising. 

Inspired by the imminent Grand Depart of Le Tour de France from Leeds in early July, we've looked into the search marketing (SEO and PPC) performance of a range of brands in cycling to see how they're set up to take advantage of this summer's biking boom.

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Darth Vader Autograph

Google and authorship: more than just a picture in SERPs

Authorship is one of the hot topics in SEO at the moment.

Everyone expects authorship to have some value at some point but most people haven't given it much thought other than reading about how it can get your picture next to your content.

Let's change that...