Author: Mark Cluer

Mark Cluer

Over 20 years of consumer brand marketing experience across a wide range of product groups including cosmetics, film, FMCG and charities. Focussed in developing digital strategy for brands for over 10 years and helped many global brands take their first steps in on-line advertising, and now doing the same with Social Media.

Creating effective ads for tablets

The fastest growth in ad spend is coming not from mobiles but from tablets. Campaigns for tablets are often grouped with mobile, and yet consumer behaviour is different on each.

Understanding that difference is critical in creating an effective campaign for tablet users.


10 essentials for creative mobile campaigns

“Mobile ads suck,” claimed Steve Jobs in 2010. They needed, according to Jobs, to be more creatively appealing and engaging to be effective.

Has the industry changed? Do mobile ads still suck? Or has creativity in mobile marketing caught up with demand? 

Here are my 10 essentials tips for creative mobile campaigns.