Author: Martin Ebongue

Martin Ebongue

I am on Online Marketing Specialist who has been in the digital marketing business for the last ten years in various different industries: Internet service Provider, Email Service Provider, Lead Generation and SEO

I am the founder and owner of SEOinnovators, a london based agency specialized in web design, SEO and Google map Optimization but also Facebook apps, landing pages and mobile applications

I recruited a team of of 18 highly skilled multilingual web designers and SEO Experts working with individuals and businesses around the world. We have operations in various European countries like France, Italy, UK and Sweden and specialize in Web Development, Web Design, E-commerce, Cold fusion, CMS (Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress,Bespoke,Custom CMS), Magento, Frame works (Zend/CodeIgntier/CAKE PHP), Software Development, and Mobile Applications (Iphone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry), SEO worldwide.

Why you need a global SEO strategy

If your business is local with absolutely no reason to make a global presence, it is better to use local SEO and get maximum output from the local customer base.

However, businesses selling products or services internationally need to plan well in advance regarding their marketing strategies.

Global SEO means making your website accessible, readable, comprehendible, communicable, and appealing to a large customer base – the whole world!