Author: Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy

I started my career in software engineering working on major projects such as satellite control systems, air traffic control systems and the Channel Tunnel. From there I moved into the finance world developing real-time bond & equity trading systems.

The early days of the web provided the opportunity for me to apply both my technical expertise and my creative interest - so I jumped at the chance to join The Real Adventure, a very forward-thinking agency that was embracing the potential of the web way back in 1998.

I built the digital capability of the agency, was promoted to board director and in 2011 split my role to that which I currently hold - Digital Director & Joint MD.

Thinking mobile first? Think again...

In a world where device fragmentation is increasing, taking a mobile-first approach is yesterday's thinking. 

There's no doubt that the smartphone has changed the way we all engage with the world around us.

We're all glued to apps on our mobiles (Flappy Bird anyone?). And website owners have seen the steady, inexorable rise in mobile traffic to their sites, which spawned the inevitable rethink about how web experiences are delivered on mobile devices (yes, I'm looking at you responsive design).

So it isn't surprising that the world is talking about making sure you take a 'mobile-first' approach. But I disagree.

Personalised shopping

Providing a truly personalised in-store experience

We're well used to personalised digital experiences, but the adoption of Bluetooth Low Energy by the major smartphone manufacturers has the potential to bring personalisation to real world experiences.

This post examines how this will affect our in-store buying experiences.