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Matt Owen

Matt Owen is a marketing consultant based in London. He was previously Head of Social at Econsultancy and currently runs Atomise Marketing. Opinions expressed are author's own.

Why the Facebook News Feed update might be the wake-up call that marketers need

For those of you who missed it, on Jan 11, Facebook announced that it plans to alter its algorithm, so that you will see more from friends and families, and less from publishers and brands.

For marketers, this is, well, certainly worrying. How are you going to generate ROI if you can't reach people? I’m sure we all remember the shitstorm around the decline in organic reach.


The best things on the internet: "So long suckers" edition

Welcome Friday-feeling marketers everywhere! Hopefully today’s solar eclipse hasn’t darkened your spirits, because this is a very special round-up indeed. My last one.

Yes, I’ll be moving on from Econsultancy after five fun-filled* years, and so regular round-up wrangler Christopher Ratcliff has given me the chance to say goodbye right here on the blog.


Best things on the internet: Suspiciously unlucky edition

Friday 13th? Pah! Superstitious nonsense! 


How to use LinkedIn’s publishing tool to increase your social reach

LinkedIn has made a lot of improvements and changes to its functionality recently, not least to the ‘Publish’ function. 

For those who missed it, last year LinkedIn rolled out the ability to publish blog posts directly on the platform.


The best things on the internet: Too many vowels edition

Get fresh, it’s nearly the weekend!


UX design for restaurants leaves a bad taste in the mouth

If you’re trying to sell food, nothing’s more important than the menu. 

Recently I was looking back through some older Econsultancy posts (because I live a fun-filled, rock 'n' roll life), and came across this post on mobile hamburger menus


How 7UP used social to connect with a younger audience

Can an 86 year old brand still dance with millennial consumers?

7 UP is one of the world’s most recognisable brands, but in the past that branding has often danced between a variety of campaigns and messages.

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The best things on the internet this week: rude teapot edition

I just wanna make love to the ni-higghhhht! 


How can HSBC improve its social media engagement?

How does the ‘world’s local bank’ handle global social media? 

When I began writing this post, I'd intended to take a quick tour around HSBC's social channels and look at how one of finance's (and the world's) largest brands manages to communicate across so many distinct markets. 

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How are luxury online retailers handling fulfilment?

It's a new year, so it's time for a new suit. Is it worth buying one online?

In this post, I'll look at my experience from a recent order from Mr Porter.

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21 examples of retro design that made a comeback online

There is nothing new under the sun. So spoketh Solomon and/or Shakespeare, depending on who you believe.

Either way, it’s unlikely they were referring to web design, but as we enter into an uncertain future, there’s no denying there’s a strange comfort in nostalgia - Hey, look at hipsters for starters.


The top 20 fail-iest social media fails of 2014

Because all websites are contractually obliged to write this article every year...