Author: Matt Owen

Matt Owen

Matt Owen is a marketing consultant based in London. He was previously Head of Social at Econsultancy and currently runs Atomise Marketing. Opinions expressed are author's own.

Inception: multichannel marketing that works like a dream

InceptionInstigating a truly multichannel campaign can be a daunting one. You know your business better than anybody, but it's still always helpful to have a few pointers in the right direction at the beginning.

So which industries can we look at to provide a solid example of a truly successful and joined up multichannel campaign that leads customers across channels and encourages them to interact more fully with a brand?

Fortunately there are several places to look, but one of the more obvious can currently be found shoring up your local multiplex: Inception.

How to find a social media influencer

social-media-influencerWhen you’re embarking on a social media campaign, one of the most important goals is finding influencers. If you can get respected and well known market voices behind, then you can give your campaign an invaluable leg-up.

The only problem here of course, is that influencers themselves are elusive figures. How are you going to hunt them down, and do you even know where to start looking?

In order to do so, we need to clearly define influence...

Listen up! A guide to Twitter engagement

listen upWhile many companies are now seeing the social light and jumping on board with Twitter, Facebook et al, there’s still a temptation to set up your account and start pumping out updates straight away.

While there is a need for some of this as you grow an initial audience, the thing that will really make a social media presence successful is your ability to listen and take on board what people are saying about your brand.

In order to do this properly you’ll need to set aside time for detailed monitoring. Unfortunately one of social media’s biggest bonuses is immediacy, something which can make knowing how and what to monitor confusing.

There’s an awful lot of electronic chatter out there so how do you listen?

How to win at Facebook in three weeks

cigarHi! I’m your boss! You can tell I’m important because I smoke cigars and seem to know very little about what it is you actually do down in marketing, or wherever it is you work.

However, according to my niece, Facebook is the hip place where all the cool kidz is at, and I’d like a slice of that tasty social pie. Now.

You have three weeks to put together an impressive Facebook presence. Surely no social media manager on Earth could accomplish such a feat?

C’mon, let’s go win at Facebook…

Who owns your social media?

who-owns-social-mediaIncreasingly the issue of ownership is a stumbling block when trying to set up and organise an effective social media strategy, so how do you decide who owns your social media?

Simple, realise that no-one does.

Five ways your staff can improve your multichannel marketing

TeamWith the continuing increase in online audiences, the need to cross-purpose your marketing has never been more important.

Multichannel marketing represents revenue for all industries, so the importance of correctly mapping customer behaviour is critical.

However, while web analytics can help you as you attempt to create a better online service, a simple shift in organisational structure may give you access to an ideas pool you’ve haven’t previously utilised. Your staff.

Here’s five quick ways you can get the best out of an integrated approach to improvement, by combining your employees ideas and talents with solid metrics to create a better service.

How screwing up can help your business

broken eggIncreasingly brand savvy customers are more wary than ever of insincere corporate apologies issued by emotionless commitee, and thanks to social media they're more able than ever to make your first strike count against you.

However, if you simply apply a little humility,  making a mistake can actually lead to a better long-term relationship with your customers.

Ten great apps for Blackberry

blackberryDespite spending more time online than the inhabitants of Tron, I never quite caught the Apple bug, and it seems I’m not entirely alone. Face it fanboys, some of us don’t want smooth touchscreens, we like our clunky buttons; we enjoy waiting aaaages for a single page to open.

Ok, so that’s rubbish, but the fact is that while it’s been overshadowed by iPhone and Android handsets recently, there’s still a lot of Blackberries out there and they’re a popular choice for business.

Sometimes though, you need more than just email, and while the range isn't as extensive as those offered by other fruitily monikered handsets there's still a solid range of useful (and not so useful) apps available for Blackberry.

Let's check out some of the best...

Start Me Up!: A profile of logoIn today’s Start Me Up we hear from Heikki Haldre, CEO of, a unique company utilising biorobotics to help transform the online clothing retail market.

If you run a B2C focussed start-up and would like to be featured in a future Start Me Up, then please let me know:

Social media marketing: what’s stopping you?

stop social mediaThere are hundreds of statistical guides showing the beneficial effects of having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any number of other networks, but the despite all the buzz there still seems to be a lag in adoption, with a large amount of small to mid-level businesses choosing to opt out of the social sphere.

It’s easy to assume this is down to a lack of knowledge regarding the benefits, but are there legitimate obstacles which are making companies decide that social media isn’t for them? 

I decided to look at some of the more common issues facing groups deciding whether or not they need a social media presence:

Six reasons you shouldn't invest in ROI

ROIWhen planning a social media campaign, inevitably the question of measurement will arise. Now that we're realising that follow counts aren't the be all and end all, ROI in social media has become an increasingly fragmented and complex subject.

Depending on the nature of your campaign and the tools you're using to run it, you may feel that tracking leads, driven traffic, 'likes' or retweets are most important, or you may feel that none of these are helpful.

With so many options available to you, it's sometimes difficult to measure exactly how well you're doing.

Seven ways to avoid marketing meltdown

meltdownWhatever the size of your business, there are several pitfalls we all face when putting together a marketing strategy and sticking to it.

These include daily tasks, too much research to do, the temptation to head to the pub. All of these things regularly pop up and threaten to knock us off course. Here's seven simple steps that will help keep your marketing on track...