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Matt Owen

Matt Owen is a marketing consultant based in London. He was previously Head of Social at Econsultancy and currently runs Atomise Marketing. Opinions expressed are author's own.

The importance of tone of voice for local markets

How do you speak to your customers? That's a deceptively simple question...

We all understand the importance of tone of voice, particularly when it comes to customer service, but in an age of hyper-localisation it can be increasingly difficult for comms teams to communicate with customers in new markets.


How can brands make money from social media if they aren’t allowed to join in?

Social is becoming less social, with more users switching to private networks and messaging apps.

This begs the question, how can brands make money from social media if they aren’t allowed to join in? 

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Start me up! A profile of RentalRoost

Start me up! A profile of RentalRoost

A few years ago I wrote a post here on Econsultancy detailing my escalating frustration with property websites and agents when looking for a place to live.

So I was particularly pleased to hear about RentalRoost, a US company aiming to disrupt the property market and place more power in the hands of the buyer.

We spoke to CEO and founder Nitin Shingate about the company's plans.


Festival of Marketing: What really mattered to marketers?

It’s Monday, and seeing as we wasted most of Friday eating bacon sandwiches and feeling sorry for ourselves, there seems no more opportune time to take a look at all the social buzz surrounding last week’s Festival of Marketing in London.

Over two days we saw thousands of marketers join us to check out more than a hundred speakers from brands like LEGO, KLM, Universal, Buzzfeed and more.

But who really got the crowds talking? Which topics were hottest? And of course, the all-important* “Who was most influential?”

*Not actually that important in this context.

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10 things from off of the internet to make you want to go home early

Greetings, weary internauts! 

How’s it going? Had a hard week of, you know, marketing and stuff? Yeah, tell me about it. I wrote a whole blog post and went to an event, so I’m pretty beat myself.

Unfortunately regular round-up wrangler Christopher Ratcliff has taken the day off to go to New York Comicon, so it looks like it’s up to me to guide you through everything utterly amazing we saw online this week.

Oh, hang on, that actually sounds like brilliant fun – let’s go! 

Targeting Custom Twitter Audiences

How to target your competitor's followers with Twitter custom audiences

For a long time working with custom audiences meant that you would need to go through an approved advertising partner.

While this has its uses it was often prohibitively expensive, leaving many small and mid-size businesses unable to use this kind of targeting.

Recently Twitter has changed this, allowing self-serve advertisers to create and upload custom audiences.  

I thought it would be useful to show you exactly how to do this. 

Sandro Miller

13 large hairy things that landed on our shores and pillaged our internet village this week

By the hoary host of Hoggoth, welcome weary traveller, to our hall.

Me and the internet have decided that retro is very on trend, so we’ve decided to begin dressing in the manner of 12th century Viking invaders. It’s certainly livened up board meetings we can tell you. 

That has nothing at all to do with this week’s miscellany of idiocy from around the web, as you’ll soon see… 


How to blast your Twitter engagement rates through the roof

Engagement. That word means a lot of different things to a different people, but there’s no denying the fact that we all want it.

Whether it’s comments, shares, Likes, Retweets… engagement shows you just how much people care about your brand. 

Part of my role at Econsultancy is getting people to engage more with our content on our social channels, so I thought I’d list a few methods that should see your engagement rocket.

Come on, let’s go and blow the doors off... 


How Jack Daniel's uses storytelling to personalise the brand

Jack Daniel’s is a universally recognised brand, but often for different reasons. Most of its marketing focuses deeply on heritage and tradition.

A down-home, deep fried sense of warm hospitality that permeates its ads and copy like a gentle waft of charcoal. 

It’s also permeated by images of Lemmy pouring it on his cornflakes after a night on the Sunset Strip. 

Combining these two perceptions is no easy task, but JD’s new ‘Bar Stories’ campaign manages it with aplomb.  


Can Bose create a pitch-perfect content experience?

Despite creating fantastic products and winning several Red Dot design awards in the process, BOSE isn’t often seen as a cool company.

Rarely are its designs mentioned in the same breath as Apple, or its headphones alongside young upstarts like beats.  

Despite this slight lack of street cred, Bose remains one of the strongest brands in audio, so I thought I’d check out its content to see how it fares against the competition...

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12 slimy things from the internet that left a trail on our keyboards this week

By the hoary beard of Odin, what a week it’s been in internets land!

If you like concise, amusing and well thought out pieces about the future of native advertising, then you should probably leave immediately and go watch this video by the ever-talented John Oliver instead.

If however you’re more likely to enjoy a picture of Santana holding a giant slug, read on, dear user, read on...

How Massey Ferguson use content and social

How Massey Ferguson uses B2B content marketing and social to sell tractors

Farming machinery isn’t necessarily the coolest product on the planet, so it’s good to see a B2B like Massey Ferguson doing interesting things with content, especially when compared to rivals like John Deere, which arguably has wider recognition.

I’ve been taking a look at the tractor company’s website and social feeds to get a feel for how it uses content to engage with a particularly niche market.

Incidentally, you wouldn’t believe how hard I’ve struggled to avoid using the phrase ‘content farm' in this article...

And for more on this topic, download Econsultancy's B2B Content Marketing Trends Briefing 2014.