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Author: Matt Owen

Matt Owen

Matt Owen was formerly Head of Social at Econsultancy, looking after Econsultancy’s global social media strategy and architecture, where he led community engagement and growth from 2010 to 2014.

Matt has a background in music, film and television in addition to marketing. Prior to joining Econsultancy, he was instrumental in building the UK's largest entertainment blog network before moving into dedicated social management and strategy for one of the world's largest business schools. He has a particular interest in social measurement and organizational integration. 

In addition, he works with a community of 200,000+ digital marketers daily across a variety of social channels and has written best practice guides for popular social platforms.

All the best things we’ve seen online this week: Friesian Freestyle edition

Round-up, round-up, round-up (and get down).  

As part of our continuing quest to find a suitable theme tune for our Friday round-up of solid platinum internet lulz, I’ve decided that House of Pain are perhaps best listened to while staring at a picture of a dancing moose, or whatever else we’ve included this week.

Crank it up and let’s go find out shall we? 


Twitter's analytics update: good news for data-driven marketers

Those of you with a Twitter advertising account may have noticed that their analytics system has had an update this week, and I’ve already seen several posts talking about the impact this will have on social marketing.  

I thought it was worth checking out the changes and seeing if they will in fact lead to a social data revolution…


14 farm-fresh, free-range things the internet laid for our breakfast this week

Oh, hi internet. How’re you? No, we haven’t seen each other in a while have we? Because you’ve been off with that Christopher Ratcliff, letting him round-up your innumerable electronic treats every week haven’t you?  

Fine, we can have a coffee, but you need to be gentle with me. I’m not sure I can stand going back to dial-up. 

Don’t worry, I’m not really upset, I still love the internet, and who can blame me when it shows me stuff like this. Come, gentle e-reader, on a journey into mystery and imagination...


What is the future of user-interface design?

Recently I’ve been building a few apps for fun in my spare time.

Doing so has got me thinking about various design elements, and where online design might be heading.

Currently flat design is ruling the roost, but it may not always be that way...


Facebook's overhauled business pages focus on content and mobile

I know, I know. Another day, another update to Facebook business pages

This one is a bit larger than most though, and may have some interesting effects on your content.

So let’s dig in to the new business page format before it rolls out to the entire network on June 19th. 


#GiveGregTheHoliday: Twitter, agile marketing and holidays in Vegas

As this article is being published, Greg, the mystery security guard at the centre of today’s hottest twitter trend #GiveGregTheHoliday is, by all accounts, still asleep.

What better way to showcase the speed required to make the most of agile marketing? 

As I write this, I’m fully aware of how contrived it is. I’m leaping on a hashtag in an effort to squeeze a few ounces of sweet traffic in my direction, but I’m far from the worst example. 


How do some Facebook Pages still reach 82% of their fans?

New research from Wisemetrics shows that while on average many pages have seen a drop in organic reach, the top 1% of pages still reached 82% of their fans, more than five times the average. 

Marketers around the globe have been making dissatisfied rumblings about Facebook organic reach for a while now. The general consensus being: You’ve got to pay to play.  

That doesn’t mean that we’ve got to pay Facebook though... 


How to add embedded call-to-action buttons to your Facebook posts

If you take the time to churn through the various brand updates that pop up in your Facebok feed, you’ll quickly notice that some look more professional than others. This isn’t necessarily down to the content. On Facebook, formatting counts for quite a bit. 

Facebook is all about design. The feed is structured to encourage users to click on items in the newsfeed, so it stands to reason that by increasing the opportunities to click, you’ll also be able to increase traffic to your page.

Here’s a quick guide to adding embedded buttons to your posts to give them that professional sheen... 


Facebook buys WhatsApp for $16bn: The meaning behind the money

As the news broke that Facebook would be parting with a truly massive $16bn to acquire messaging service WhatsApp, the internet (as is its wont) was awash with opinion. 

Would this devalue Facebook? The market certainly seemed to agree, with almost 5% being shaved off the FB price after hours. So, is this a crazed land-grab that will spell the end of Facebook, WhatsApp, or both?

Or a very smart decision? 

Paper: the future of Facebook?

Paper: the future of Facebook?

Alongside record earnings figures, one of the big pieces of news to come out of Facebook’s recent Q4 earnings call was the launch of Paper, a new publishing app from its creative labs division. 

Paper itself is a fairly straightforward news-curation/publishing app, but its launch and recent comments from Mark Zuckerberg about further releases in the near future paint a fascinating picture of Facebook’s possible future, one which may be quite different from the ubiquitous social platform we’re all so familiar with.


Email marketing: what makes people unsubscribe?

The start of the New Year always sees a raft of unsubscribes terrorize email marketers around the globe, as users attempt to clear the slate for the year ahead.

But what kinds of emails avoid the annual cull? 

Email app ‘Unroll.me’ recently published a revealing list of popular unsubscribes from 2013. Let’s see which emails are worth having and who’s just spamming...

"Go for the Deep Burn"

Virgin Active vs EasyGym: Why slimming down your site matters

It’s the start of a new year, so along with every other weak-willed mince-pie muncher in the western hemisphere, I’ve decided to haul my aching, broken body along to the gym for some much needed new year exercise.

But first, I need to find the best gym for me. You’d think lifting the weights would be the hard part...