Author: Matthew Finch

Matthew Finch

Mat is Head of Sales and Commercial for Warner Leisure Hotels, who offer UK Short breaks just for grown-ups, part of the Bourne Leisure Group which also operates Butlins and Haven. With 80% of sales coming direct via the call centre and website, Mat knows a bit about optimising multichannel campaigns to maximise sales and return on investment.

Prior to this, Mat worked at Dell as Head of UK Consumer Marketing and then Head of Retail across EMEA. Some of his work included creating the MTV European sponsorship platform and executing the highly catchy "lollipop" colourful laptop campaign across TV, Radio and outdoor media. He was also part of the team that executed Dell's consumer retail strategy across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia.

Mat started his career in web design and web marketing, before broadening into the wider marketing mix. His stint at digital technology company DoubleClick (part of Google), gave him a great understanding of tracking technology and measuring multichannel results. He remains passionate about digital marketing, especially in tracking, behavioural targeting and the multi-channel mix.

Does on-demand content lead to on-demand advertising?

For the past 300 years or so, media has been a one-to-many broadcast model. But now we see TV, radio and press all moving towards an on-demand model.

In a world where content is delivered on-demand, would on-demand advertising be a more relevant approach in the future of broadcasting?


Would a Cost-Per-Engagement model attract advertisers to spend more online?

Over the past few years, CPM has become the common currency for online advertising. But is the model still relevant?

Should we be buying online media based on engagement rather than just passive consumption?

In the current tough financial period, would advertisers be willing to commit more budgets online if customer engagement was guaranteed?


Brand engagement with Wii

It seems that every day we read about the declining effectiveness of advertising. How viewers skip through the adverts, can switch off to the marketing noise, no longer respond to our messages.

Brands are increasingly looking at more diverse ways to engage consumers in their products, and I believe there is currently no better opportunity than the Nintendo Wii.


The New Media stock exchange

I have issue with the process of online media buying. Agreeing a spend budget for the month, researching a handful of websites, a few phone calls to negotiate the rate, booking a volume of impressions, signing an insertion order before sending over the ad-serving tags.

It feels too rigid, too simplistic, but most of all too much like offline media buying! But is that all about to change?


Doritos invites user-generated TV ad

Doritos, the tortilla corn crisp brand owned by PepsiCo, has launched a new online campaign to engage users with an interactive website, user generated content and strong links to social networking sites.

Historically, FMCG brands have been slow to embrace online marketing as they have struggled to deliver a compelling creative message and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.


Please wait while the banner loads!

I have just been checking my Yahoo Mail, which kindly displays a skyscraper ad on the right side of the screen.

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Three practical tips for improving your email marketing

Get email marketing right and it can deliver huge revenues for a very low cost.

Get it wrong and you are simply wasting your time, annoying your customers and damaging your brand. Here are 3 practical tips.


Travel: TV and Web work hand in hand

January and February are always busy months for the travel industry.

With post-Christmas blues and cold winter days, it is the time of year when a large number of consumers plan their summer holiday for the year ahead.

We take a look at how the travel industry is using TV and web to drive sales.

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Overlay expands into press

Flicking through my morning paper, its clear to see that the online overlay ad format has influenced Nissan in its campaign to drive awareness of it new model.

Nissan's doodle ad (as seen in TimeOut, rather than Metro)


Can the affiliate model evolve?

With the popularity of the last click model dwindling, do affiliate networks need to evolve their approach to tracking sales in order to remain a viable channel for advertisers?


Decision time for Yahoo

Disappointing results, job cuts, the loss of its former CEO and a takeover approach from arch-rival Microsoft.

We take a look at a tumultous past couple of weeks for Yahoo.


Killer creative or optimised results?

Is it enough to have just one killer creative execution, or are numerous variations required to achieve maximum performance?

With overall click-through-rates falling, advertisers are increasingly looking for ways to optimise online campaigns to improve results.