Author: Matthew Kelleher

Matthew Kelleher

Matthew has 8 years of experience in email and online marketing. Originally launching Claritas Interactive and helping to develop this across Claritas Europe, he was a member of the original Email Marketing Association (eMMA) and a founder member of the DMA Email Marketing Council. He is currently Commercial Director at behavioural marketing and analysis group RedEye.

Path Reporting 2.0: Let’s start looking at campaign path reports

We’ve all spent the last five years being told that banners influence search campaigns or that product terms influence brand term conversion.

Do the tools and data exist to properly back up the statements we can see if we were right to believe them?


Relevance - the silver lining of the spam cloud

It occurred to me recently that we do not give spammers (and in their turn ISPs) enough credit for helping to make email a long-term, credible media.

How so?


Email Suicide – emailing the ‘emotionally unsubscribed’

To keep emailing those individuals now being labelled 'emotionally unsubscribed' may be enticing on the basis that one day they may be in the buying window... but it may also be very dangerous.