Author: Melanie Seasons

Melanie Seasons

Can you market to the over 50s on social?

It can be argued that over 50s are one of the final demographics not to be very well understood in terms of their relational social media behaviour with brands.

In the very early years of social, very few begged to ask the question or look into how brands can engage older consumers. It was assumed that they weren’t on the channels at all. 

And then the reports started coming through; the ‘Silver Surfers’ (a term I've always found slightly patronising) were flocking in droves! It's a topic the Econsultancy has touched on before in a post looking at six design tips for making your website senior friendly.

But, like a horse without a cart, no one really nailed how to reach them in any meaningful way. 


How to not be a condescending corporate Facebook brand page

There is one Facebook page that all marketers fear (or should fear). Being featured on it can plunge a sometimes unsuspecting brand into a serious industry reputation problem.

Welcome to the Condescending Corporate Brand Page: loved, hated and completely unapologetic.


Twitter competitions: how to make the most of your promotions

Competitions on Twitter can be a great way for brands to increase followers, boost engagement and raise awareness of campaigns.

But are you playing by the rules and making the most of your promotions?

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