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Michael Hewitt
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Answering the key question of content auditing: Where do I start?

Functional content, on-site content, static content or whatever term you prefer to use, is the lifeblood of any brand’s digital presence.

It plays a crucial role in search visibility, guides users through the customer journey and reflects your brand personality. But it is all too often neglected and left untouched.

One of the reasons for this are two dreaded words; “content” and “audit”.


Why content marketing isn’t SEO – and why SEO isn’t just content

SEO is all about content, it’s all about audiences and it’s all about engagement. Stop me if you’ve heard something like that before.

But have marketers lost sight of the foundations that search, and digital, are built on? 


How fintech & niche brands continue to disrupt the financial search market

The explosive emergence of price comparison websites and money advice websites has made for grim reading for many traditional banking brands.

But, are these brands starting their digital fight back and seeing positive movement in their favour?


The seven deadly brand sins that can create a social media storm

There are many reasons why brands, of all sizes, become embroiled in a social media crisis and why they get things wrong; no two situations are identical.

However, most social media disasters are rooted in at least one common factor.


Are brands the saviours of long-form content?

Starbucks is the latest global brand to make a significant move into the world of brand storytelling, poaching a leading journalist at the Washington Post.

Are brands now the future of long-form content


Just how much of a ranking signal is HTTPS?

Since Google announced that it is considering HTTPS protocols as a ranking signal, SEOs have speculated on the real impact of having a secure connection to your page.

Our analysis shows that HTTPS could be making a significant impact.


Why are brands like Adidas embracing the newsroom concept?

Adidas has recently announced that it is to create a series of ‘digital newsrooms’ as part of a drive to enhance its real time marketing approach.

It is a strategy that embraces core journalistic principles and puts brands toe-to-toe with mainstream publishers, but is it the right way to plan a content marketing strategy?


Five key implications of Getty Images embeds that publishers need to know

Getty Images this week decided to make its library of more than 35m images available, for free, to bloggers and social media users.

But what does this mean for publishers, and should they just dive straight in to a world of free content?

Let's take a closer look.