Author: Min-Jee Hwang

Min-Jee Hwang

What are minimum advertised price policies?

Price fixing has a deservedly negative connotation, and often the term is misused in the context of minimum advertised price (MAP), and other manufacturer price policies.

Here’s the lowdown on how they differ, and why MAP is actually beneficial to all parties involved, not just brands.

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Why dynamic pricing is still as relevant as ever

Years ago, we got used to airline tickets fluctuating in price and then Amazon began dominating online retail and put their own version of dynamic pricing to work.

Since then, dynamic pricing has become increasingly commonplace in online retail.

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Why protecting your competitive price position is critical to profitable growth

Do you know where your pricing stands relative to your top competitors?

Keeping an eye on how you compare across your most important categories or brands is critical to getting a bird's eye view of the market and capitalizing on where you have pricing power.


How to compete on price without sacrificing margins

All businesses want to believe that the quality of their products and services will keep them out of the rat race on price, but the reality is quite different.

Pricing does not occur in a vacuum, so instead of avoiding price competition, the best harm reduction plan is to safeguard margins.  

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