Author: Natalie Dold

Natalie Dold

Natalie Dold brings a wealth of talents and experiences to her role as VP Client Partner. Holding a B.S. Business Marketing from UOP/San Francisco, CA, she is a veteran of the digital world, she has held senior roles on both the marketing and account/business sides of business and is equally comfortable wearing both hats. 

Her experience includes marketing in the legal services industry, business development on the agency end and consultancy experience in technology, entrepreneurship and digital marketing. She has worked with everything from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

At her core, Dold understands how business works, how things get done and how to build the relationships that make these happen.

Creating integrated marketing experiences requires an internal focus first

As many marketers know today, both digital marketing practices (the channels that can be used, ways to communicate, etc.) and technology advances are evolving more quickly than marketers can keep up with in this ever-changing world.

This is creating an environment that causes many challenges, and a main goal that many executive teams are striving for is the creation of truly integrated marketing experiences across all channels.

The word 'integration' has been a hot topic at technology and marketing conferences around the globe, but the harsh reality is that this very thing that most companies are striving to achieve isn’t happening easily.

In working with executive teams in many different verticals, the basis for the problems in creating this integration is that brands aren’t taking a close look as to what is happening inside of their businesses.

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Tips to enhance B2B digital strategies

When it comes to the B2B realm, the word “digital” is still considered a bit taboo. A good majority of B2B companies have yet to totally integrate digital strategies into their overarching marketing efforts. 

Don’t get me wrong—some in the B2B sector really get it, such as Dell, American Express, GE, among others.

But why is it that so many B2B executives feel that digital marketing won’t help them take their business to new levels?