Author: Nicholine Hayward

Nicholine Hayward

Half thought leader, half consultant,half agent of change, Nicholine is one of the UK's original digital evangelists and creative strategists. She helped to found search engine optimisation and marketing company Weboptimiser in 1996 and has pioneered online brand strategy ever since. She has collaborated on two books, and written several white papers including the recent Strategic Planning for the Real World and Motive, Means and Opportunity: the beginning, middle and end of brand storytelling.

Her unique strategic planning methodology harnesses free online data to deliver insights for interesting, effective and emotionally resonant business, brand and comms planning.

The beginning, middle and end of brand storytelling

Storytelling is being hailed as the new big idea, but it's not that new.  What makes a good story in this viral, user-generated, post advertising world has always made a good story. 

From papyrus to pulpit to plasma screen, the attributes of a ripping yarn have remained the same: credibility, digestibility, and most importantly, emotional resonance.