Author: Nick Haley

Nick Haley

Haley joined Adaptive Lab as a Product Design Principal in July 2017. He has a rich history working in design and User Experience, having worked as Director of UX at the Guardian, bringing to life its website and mobile redesign. Prior to the Guardian, he was Head of User Experience and Design at the BBC, and oversaw the redesign of BBC Sport and digital experience for the London 2012 Olympics, which became one of the most visited websites on the internet at the time.


What will ordering a takeaway look like in the future?

Takeaways haven’t changed for a long time.

Services like Deliveroo and Just Eat are using new technology to increase choice and convenience. But in reality, the overall experience is largely the same since the first fish and chip shop opened in Manchester in 1863. Alongside enjoyment there is still that slight sense of guilt that what you’re eating isn’t going to be that healthy.

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