Author: Nikki Gilliland

Nikki Gilliland

How Dyson is bringing technology to life in its new London flagship store

The experience of shopping on Oxford Street can be frustrating at best - sweaty, rage-inducing and exhausting at worst.

So, stepping into Dyson’s new flagship store is a rather calming experience in comparison.


What is B2B account-based marketing & why should you care?

For B2B organisations, account-based marketing (ABM) is becoming an increasingly important focus.

Instead of broader marketing techniques such as online and offline advertising, PR and SEO, companies are now realising the potential of a laser-focused approach.


How Global Goals is using social media to highlight gender inequality

It’s been 20 years since the Spice Girls released their first number one single, ‘Wannabe’.

Which means two things...

Number one: I’m old. Number two: It’s the perfect time for girl power to make a comeback.

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Ten intriguing digital marketing stats from this week

There’s a lot to perk your interest this week.

We’ve got stats about Britain’s shopping habits, customer service demands, mobile use during the Euros and so much more.

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The ODI shows how UK businesses are using open data

A wide range of businesses across the UK are realising the potential of open data.

With analysis of 270 companies, ranging from start-ups to ecommerce giants, the ODI (the Open Data Institute) has highlighted how and where it is being most commonly used.

As we've just started Data Month here at Econsultancy, here's a little look at what they've found!


Coca Cola UK launches YouTube channel to connect with young adults

Coca-Cola is known for its inspiring marketing campaigns, often based around the core values of optimism, happiness and, of course, enjoying refreshingly carbonated beverages.

With the launch of CokeTV, the brand is taking a different tack.

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How Selfridges’s Body Studio blurs the lines between digital & in-store

For most women, buying lingerie or swimwear can be a torturous experience.

The combination of unrealistic advertising and unflattering lighting means that it’s usually the least enjoyable shopping trip of the year.

Like, I can’t find a bikini, let’s just cancel the holiday...


Q&A: Bloodwise on why social data is a vital tool for charities

In such a crowded marketplace, social media is a crucial marketing tool for charities.

Since rebranding, Bloodwise – formerly known as Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research – has made huge strides in successfully promoting its cause.

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Five key changes within the world of celebrity marketing

Guaranteed headlines and increased consumer interest means that celebrities have always been a hot commodity for brands.

Yet, in today’s ever-evolving social media landscape, a new type of personality is emerging.

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How Pinterest’s new features are encouraging users to shop

It is a platform best-known for providing inspiration, but Pinterest is now offering its 100m monthly users even more opportunities to buy online.

With the launch of new major features, here’s how it is aiming to become more of an ecommerce site in future.

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Think retail: How brands are targeting the ‘phygital’ generation

I recently attended Think Retail by Google, an event to launch Customer Match for Shopping (a new tool to help retailers better target existing consumers).

While there were a number of impressive presentations, one that particularly stood out was all about how brands are increasingly targeting the ‘phygital’ generation.


Four key trends in the use of predictive analytics

Many marketers are cottoning on to the benefits of using predictive analytics. 

By using consumer data to understand, forecast and influence behaviour, the aim for digital companies is to increase loyalty and enhance customer experience in the long-term.

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