Author: Nikki Gilliland

Nikki Gilliland

What skills do employers look for when hiring digital marketers?

Much like technology itself, the role of the digital marketer is ever-changing.

From search and social to data and content, professionals can now specialise in various strands of the industry.


10 tremendous digital marketing statistics from this week

This week’s roundup includes good news for AdBlock Plus, even better news for Zoella, plus a whole load of insight into customer loyalty, data privacy, mobile payments and more.

For more of the same, download Econsultancy’s Internet Statistics Compendium.

Here we go, folks!


Three key Digital Transformation takeaways from Digital Cream 2016

Digital transformation is a tricky topic for marketers to define, let alone decipher.

Luckily, that's what Digital Cream is for. 


How Jamie Oliver harnessed the power of YouTube

Since 2013, Jamie Oliver's YouTube presence has gone from being barely noticeable to one of the platform's biggest food networks.

Now with three channels and well over 2m subscribers, he has truly mastered the art of video marketing.


Four reasons recipe box brands are delivering success

If you’re someone who is short on time or inspiration, recipe boxes are the latest service intent on revolutionising your life.

With the news that Amazon is about to launch its very own recipe delivery service in partnership with Tyson Foods, it seems there are more to choose from than ever.


Four delicious examples of food & drink brands on Instagram

What’s even more satisfying than the first bite of a burger?

Remembering to take a photograph beforehand of course.


Style or sell-out: Three examples of celebrity fashion collaborations

Celebrities are no longer satisfied with just the one career.

From book deals to beauty products, we’re now used to seeing famous faces enjoy a wide range of extra pursuits.


The 10 top digital marketing statistics from this week

This week’s round up of stats includes (even more) success for Leicester City, Apple’s latest investment, excitement for Euro 2016 and lots more.

As always, don't forget to check out the Internet Statistics Compendium for further analysis.


Logic & magic: How to harness the power of language

Susie Dent is best known for bringing a bit of class to C4's Countdown.

Not that Rachel Riley isn’t elegant or super smart of course, but if you’re a fan of words over numbers, you’re bound to hold a place in your heart for good old Dictionary Corner.

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How L’Oreal uses personalisation to increase brand loyalty

If like me you are a beauty junkie, or perhaps just a bit of a hoarder, you probably have far too many products cluttering up your bathroom cabinet. 

Similarly, you also might not realise just how many of them are made by L’Oréal.


Why Virtual Reality is the ultimate storytelling tool for marketers

Dominic Collins knows a thing or two about the power of new technology.

And the good news is he's one of the speakers at this year’s Future of Digital Marketing event, where he'll be giving an insight into why marketers need to care about virtual reality.

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Steering the digital shift: The biggest challenges facing financial companies

Despite the long-standing history of some financial institutions, many are still playing catch up when it comes to the world of digital.

To find out more about the challenges they face, Econsultancy and Adobe have just published new research looking how digital is changing the competitive landscape of retail banking and insurance.