Author: Nikki Gilliland

Nikki Gilliland

Unilever: The biggest digital start-up in the world?

The Festival of Marketing kicked off this morning with a talk by Keith Weed, the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Unilever.

Now we all know Unilever as one of the biggest companies in the world - but what about the world's biggest digital startup?


20 examples of websites following the EU cookie law: 2016 edition

Back in 2012, we marked the introduction of the EU cookie law with this post and this handy guide.

But have there been any big changes in how websites are following protocol?


Seven kids & baby ecommerce brands using YouTube to reach parents

According to new data from Google, 84% of mums in the UK use YouTube, with 70% turning to it on a weekly basis for tips and advice on parenting.

From help on getting babies to sleep to reviews on the best pushchairs – there is a wealth of online video content out there.


How Cadbury is using experiential marketing to delight consumers

Cadbury is well known for its imaginative video ads, but lately it has been stepping up its marketing efforts with a series of experiential events.

From students to mums, here’s a look at how the chocolate brand is using this method to engage consumers of all ages.

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How brands are using digital marketing to reach the older generations

New research has revealed that 27% of consumers over the age of 55 feel brands are too focused on targeting younger people.

With ‘millennial’ being the buzzword on every brand’s lips at the moment, it appears they’ve got a point.


BHS is now pureplay ecommerce: Will loyal customers move online?

I can’t say I was surprised when British Home Stores went into administration earlier this year.

It was a high street staple, yet a lack of innovation meant it was never going to compete with digitally-focused competitors like Debenhams and House of Fraser.


Why women are talking about H&M’s latest ad campaign

Most fashion adverts go by without much comment or fanfare from consumers online.

H&M’s latest campaign, however, has been met with a flurry of positivity from people on Twitter and other social networks.


How has programmatic impacted the advertising industry?

Andrea Brown, Managing Director of Content UK at Publicis Media, recently spoke at our Get with the Programmatic conference.

We also sat down with her to gain further insight into how programmatic is impacting the advertising industry. 


10 top-notch marketing stats from this week

We’ve got a superior roundup of stats for you this week, including news on eBay, programmatic commerce, retail search and social mentions.

Don’t forget to download the Internet Statistics Compendium for lots more insight.

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Content marketing at The British Library: Is it as easy as it sounds?

Graham MacFadyen, Head of Digital and Marketing Operations at the British Library, will be speaking at the Festival of Marketing next week. 

In the run up to the big event, we sat down with him to talk about the British Library’s content strategy.


Farfetch’s CMO: Why we’re more than just a shopping platform

Stephanie Horton, CMO of ecommerce platform Farfetch, will be speaking at this year's Festival of Marketing.

Ahead of the event next week, I sat down with her to talk a little about Farfetch's branding strategy and what makes it so unique.


Houzz fuses physical and digital with SmartHouzz London pop up

As part of the London Design Festival, home improvement site Houzz has created its very own pop-up living space.

Located in King’s Cross until the 25th September, SmartHouzz is a small, stylish and compact home, packed with smart features designed for city living.