Author: Nikki Gilliland

Nikki Gilliland

How long will the Head of Digital role exist?

Regardless of a company's shape or size, digital is no longer just an afterthought.

On the contrary - from customer care to advertising - it can often run through all aspects of an organisation.


Five fintech start-ups aiming to replace traditional banking

According to recent data from Accenture, funding for fintech companies reached a staggering £3.7bn in the first quarter of 2016 alone.

With global investment growing at such a rapid rate, traditional banking services are finally beginning to realise the power of the small financial start-up.


The four biggest challenges facing social media strategists

Social media can be a steep learning curve for digital marketers.

With new platforms, changing roles and evolving customer demands, maintaining an effective social strategy across the board is never easy.

If fact, it is often incredibly challenging.

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Why weddings are becoming big business for ecommerce retailers

According to data from eBay, searches for ‘wedding presents’ are set to sky rocket this month, as many guests turn to online retailers to help them find the perfect gift.

With a 33% surge this time last year compared to the two months previously, the summer is clearly a time for love and last minute gift shopping.


How Bose’s product pages deliver a better buyer experience

When it comes to convincing customers to buy online, technology can be a tricky sell.

During some research on how ecommerce companies encourage conversion at the checkout, I recently discovered that Bose - best known for making speakers with ‘better sound’ - also has better product pages than most.


10 thrilling digital marketing stats from this week

It’s that time of the week again, guys!

This week’s glorious roundup of statistical goodies includes news from Snapchat, insight into online shopping searches, smart homes and much more.


Selfridges unveils iOS app with ‘shoppable’ Instagram feed: Is it any good?

With 60% of Selfridges’ online customers accessing the site from mobile, it was only a matter of time before the department store decided to launch a shoppable app.

And what do you know... it’s only gone and done it.

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Four compelling examples of outdoor marketing campaigns

Last year’s Women’s Aid campaign was cited as one of the best examples of outdoor marketing in recent years.

Highlighting how domestic violence against women often goes ignored, it used interactive digital technology in order to get the message across.

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What are chatbots and why should marketers care?

During the recent F8 summit, Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage to announce the integration of chatbot technology into Facebook Messenger.

Explaining his desire for the consumer to “be able to message a business in the same way you message a friend”, he proposed a new step forward for conversational commerce.


Word on the street: Four tips for using slang in marketing

How would you feel if your favourite brand called you bae?

Personally, I cringe whenever someone I know dares utter the term - even if they’re doing it ironically. 


How Waitrose is using personalisation to increase conversions

For the average shopper, supermarket loyalty is a thing of the past.

With price and proximity being two of the most important factors in where people shop, it's usually a case of whatever makes life easier.


Email newsletter sign-ups: How fashion brands welcome new subscribers

Newsletter subscribers are an incredibly valuable asset for retailers.

By signing up, customers are actively showing appreciation for a brand, as well as an interest to hear more in future.