Author: Patrick Altoft


Patrick Altoft is Director of Search at Branded3, a leading SEO & Digital Agency based in Leeds.

Keyword research for UK sites is a different ball game

Keyword research is one of the most tempting parts of a search engine optimisation campaign to outsource.

My advice to UK SEO consultants and webmasters is to be very careful.


Optimising your site's news section

Most large companies are scared of blogging and yet they have quite a good news section.

My belief is that the two are not really that different.


The power of universal search

For some time now, Google has been including more and more elements into its search results. These extra elements are called Universal Search.


The webmaster's guide to StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon has the ability to drive a huge amount of traffic (up to 20,000 visitors for popular articles) to your website and can be a very valuable marketing tool.

It is a thriving community of over 4.4m users who rate and categorise web pages before sharing them via the StumbleUpon toolbar.

This guide will help you make the most of it without the risk of upsetting the community.

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Link development in 2008

Linkbuilding is one of the more difficult aspects of SEO and something that works for one site might fail dismally for others.

Google doesn't make things easy for business owners as the techniques that work for older sites are different to the techniques that work for new sites.


Do you track your Google rankings?

Offering monthly rankings reports has been historically one of the key methods SEO agencies use to prove they are performing well.

But are they worthwhile?


Why you should steer clear of social media spamming

A number of services have sprung up over the past year that offer to help websites gain traffic from social media sites such as Digg , StumbleUpon and Reddit .

My advice is to steer well clear of them.


Google reverses the minus six penalty

Some webmasters are rejoicing today after Google admitted it had accidentally given certain websites a penalty that moved them from first place to sixth place in its rankings.


Do you really need a content management system?

Poorly designed content management systems (CMSs) can cause more problems for your website than any other single factor.

Your choice of CMS is therefore one of the most important decisions you can make.

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SEO strategy for new websites

Starting a new company is extremely hard, which is probably why most businesses fail within the first couple of years.

Challenges such as marketing and hiring the right staff are some of the major issues that even good managers struggle with.


Are you breaking Google's rules?

Do you know whether your website is within the Google Guidelines ? When was the last time you checked your outgoing and incoming links? Do you know exactly what your SEO company is doing?


Why you need to think about blog marketing

In the last three years, blog marketing has become part of the mainstream media and the most popular blogs have a built a huge amount of influence over people's perception of brands.