Author: Paul Cook

Paul Cook

Founder of TagMan - smart tags, smarter marketing. The ultimate Container Tag and De-duplication and online marketing attribution solution which is an independent alternative to Doubleclick Floodlight and Atlas UAT. Over 10 years of experience in Online media and marketing having previously been head of sales for one of the UK's largest radio stations. Founded eCRM software company RedEye in 1997 where he pioneered online advertising measurement.

Behavioural targeting key to more brand advertising

The web’s success as a direct response medium has made its failure to attract brand advertising even more apparent. However, as the main hurdles are overcome all of that could change for Web 2.0 enabled sites in 2007.


Measuring Web 2.0 – The death of the page impression

Advances in interface design associated with Web 2.0 will make the page impression even less meaningful than it already is. The time has come for internet to be measured more like broadcast media than press.

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Will Yahoo mash-ups save us from Hotmail?

Yahoo’s decision to open up its email API is great news for web mail users and is a great example of what Web 2.0 is about. How long will it be before a major retailer like Tesco follows suit?


Banner advertising 2.0 – Bebo leads the personalised banner ad revolution

Bebo’s recent decision to allow users to decide which types of ads they want to see highlights the need to make banner advertising more relevant. The next generation of ad serving tools will learn what consumers are interested in and will lead to a renaissance for direct response banner advertising.