Author: Pauline Ores

Pauline Ores

Digital marketing strategist with a track record of improving critical business outcomes with interactive marketing strategies exploiting new market opportunities created by the worldwide adoption of social media and search. Influential facilitator, dedicated to evolving marketing as a practice, articulating the benefits of integrating social-based programs fostering longer-term, more valued relationships with clients, prospects, partners, colleagues, and communities.

LinkedIn's new company pages

LinkedIn Company PageLinkedIn Company Page's were featured at a New York media event this morning. It was not what anyone would consider a significant launch, but it was a long overdue indication that LinkedIn is moving the right direction.


In praise of legal and procurement: 9 ways to get to yes

I think we can all agree digital marketing doesn’t fit neatly into a single slot. Hence, success requires digital marketers to be expert at yet another skill: the ability to drive organizational change. Loosely translated, this means, "Those idiots and their rules are driving me so crazy I could throttle them." Completely understandable, digital marketing is hard enough as is.


Five reasons NOT to hire THAT social media expert

Why is it still not uncommon to attend a social media or digital marketing conference and overhear stories about people with little to no significant experience who recently filled new mid-management social media marketing positions?

We laugh at the absurdity, but if firms can't differentiate between experts and newbies, how will they differentiate between the value of social media marketing and a hiring mistake when it all goes awry?


Will social Centers of Excellence succeed? Part 5

Silos exist at corporations for good reason. It’s significantly easier to work with like minds, when everyone's clear as to who owns what. Given the social media Center of Excellence is asking groups to do something that is very difficult, change, having the right team is critical.


Will social Centers of Excellence succeed? Part 4

While other employees might envy your role, as it offers a lot of visibility, the social media Center of Excellence is frankly a lousy deal. Not controlling what you need to succeed never bodes well.  Legal, procurement, and executives can lay down the law. The Center doesn't have that authority, yet must deliver results.


Will social Centers of Excellence succeed? Part 3

Setting up a new social media Center of Excellence sounds deceptively straightforward: gather experts, create materials/applications, distribute, and enforce. As the Center needs "valued" content, why not start there,  then figure out the other part later?


Will social centers of excellence succeed? Part 2

You would think being a corporate program, one that perhaps even reports into the CMO, would in itself ensure broad acceptance and/or adoption of the social media Center of Excellence's programs and policies. Alas, that is rarely the case. 


Will social Centers of Excellence succeed? Part 1

Social media consulting assignments fall into three categories: strategic consulting, training, and/or setting up "Centers of Excellence." I've been hearing the term "Center of Excellence' so frequently it seems everyone who’s anyone in enterprise social media will be wearing one this Fall. Great news: it signals broader social media adoption, companies are becoming not just 'doing,' more social. Not so great news: most efforts are likely to fumble if not fail, as undoubtedly firms will rely on their existing social marketing agencies, assuming this is more of the same, only internally facing. Most assuredly (having myself set up and led several similar efforts) it's not.