Author: Peter O'Neill

Peter O'Neill

I am a seasoned web analytics professional with experience working both client side and agency side. My key traits are being extremely passionate and knowledgeable about all aspects of web analytics, constantly striving for the best solution for my clients. And my focus is on extracting actionable insights from web analytics data that can be used to make business decisions leading to improvements in websites and online marketing directly affecting the business bottom line.

My approach at all times is to keep it simple. I endeavour to make web analytics accessible to all key stakeholders within an organisation. The focus is on making improvements to business performance, not on tables of data. This remains consistent across all work and communications, whether presentations, dashboards, training or documents.

Previously I have worked for Nedstat and Logan Tod but am now running my own Web Analytics consultancy.  Clients that I have worked with during my career include ASOS, Debenhams, Europcar, BBC, Sky, Vodafone, Chartis, BGL, Carphone Warehouse, and Premier Inn.

Three requirements to extract value from a web analytics tool

The value in web analytics comes not from the tool but from using the data it provides.

Web analytics can be an amazing driver of business performance when it's supplying insights that are used to inform business actions. For this, you need more than the technology, you need the people and the processes as well.

Let’s narrow our focus though to just the web analytics tool, whether a (technically) free solution such as Google Analytics or the paid solutions such as Adobe Analytics, Webtrends, etc. 

So many companies say they are doing web analytics because they have a tool installed. Simply adding the basic page tag to your website is not enough to give you useful insights.