Author: Petteri Vainikka

Petteri Vainikka

As CMO, Petteri heads business development and strategic marketing at Enreach, a premium publisher focused Big Data company with a mission to reverse the commoditization of display advertising by transforming display advertising into actionable real-time market research. Founded in Scandinavia in 2010, Enreach customers include Sanoma, Alma Media, Aller, MTV Media, Bonnier, Mediekompaniet, Egmont, and Aftonbladet.

With 9 years of experience in mobile and internet technologies, Petteri has focused his career at the intersection of sales, marketing, and technology. He loves the thrill of applying cutting-edge technology in unconventional ways. Petteri has previously held global business development and management team positions at Sumea, Digital Chocolate, Leiki, and Rovio - which he also co-founded.

The ad network emperor has found his new clothes in RTB

One thing is certain: RTB is going to continue to grow, and is already established as the de facto transaction protocol for remnant display buying and selling.

The ad network Emperor has found his new clothes in RTB. This now being settled, why would any premium publisher want to RTB-enable their premium direct inventory?

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