Author: Rachael Morris

Rachael Morris

Rachael Morris is Head of Optimisation Strategy at Infectious Media. Rachael joined in 2010, straight from Cambridge University, where she achieved a Masters in Mathematics, with Merit.

Rachael uses this strong mathematical background and her years of programmatic experience to analyse campaign performance across markets so that clients’ campaign strategy can be optimised for maximum performance. Rachael’s done this across multi-market campaigns for the likes of John Lewis, Hilton Hotels, Avis and Skyscanner. 

Could 'incrementality' be key to freeing up digital ad budgets?

Finding out the real impact of display advertising is vital for marketers in their struggle to justify budgets.

However, most are hampered by misleading click & view-based measurements.


Why chasing after 100% viewability makes no sense for advertisers

Over the last couple of years, viewability has been a key rallying point for advertisers looking to get more value from their programmatic spend.

The IAB announced a standard of 70% viewability, but some advertisers say anything under 100% is not acceptable.

Flickr user: Michele Hubacek

Disproving the myth about display clicks & conversions

The belief that people who click display adverts are the ones who convert is a popular one but in fact the complete opposite is true – clickers are actually less likely to convert.

The notion that clicking and converting must be related is highly intuitive which is probably why the theory’s proved incredibly persistent.


Using programmatic to join up the customer journey

Consumers often receive multiple messages from the same advertiser with no acknowledgement of previous engagement, so what could happen if people received ads in order, with each one building on the last interaction?