Author: Randall Mason

Randall Mason

Randall Mason is a Trendgineer working closely with the big guns at Centaur publishing as an Awareness Propensity Advocate promoting, seeding and viralating awareness of the 2014 Festival of Marketing, the Comic-Con of Marketers.

He describes himself as an a omni-channel, platform-neutral changeologist - a graduate, a freelancer, a consultant, an entrepreneur, a journalist. Call him what you will, he is part of a new breed of transient marketing professionals, who cross-pollinate the trendscape.

Join me, Randall Mason, at the Festival of Marketing

Hey there, treasured readers. I’m Randall Mason – but you, and only you, can call me ‘Mase.

If you’re wondering, ‘who is this Randall Mason’, I am a trendgineer. Engineer of trends. And devotee-turned-protégé of Ashley Friedlein.

I’ve spent the past weeks covering the Festival of Marketing and getting a scoop on the action before it happens (which is 12-13 November).

What I am about to tell you comes straight from the source. The source that feeds Google itself. That’s right – I got F2F with marketing legends in my totally unrated, unabashed interview series.

And from these conversations, I’ve galvanised a list of the 10 hottest topics that will be reverberating from the stages at the festival.