Author: Ray Jenkin

Ray Jenkin

Ray Jenkin is the Chief Strategy Officer at Affectv, an advertising technology company focussed on helping brands find new customers. He is responsible for both the strategic and operational output of the business.

Prior to setting up Affectv, Ray led several global accounts at WPP media agency MEC and also ran the international media team at the Swedish listed performance marketing company, TradeDoubler.

How to keep your brand safe in a programmatic world: A practical guide

Programmatic ad buying has been a boon for companies looking to gain more efficiency from their digital marketing efforts.

However, with this rapid adoption and growth of programmatic buying, challenges around brand safety, ad fraud and viewability have emerged.


Delivering data-driven content marketing for the travel industry

The travel industry is increasingly turning to content-led strategies to create and nurture relationships at all stages of the customer journey.

And it's paying off: a 2015 Aberdeen study showed 7.8x higher year-on-year traffic for content marketing leaders versus followers. Conversion rates are also 6x higher for content marketing adopters versus non-adopters.


Top tips to drive more engagement with data-driven native ads

It wasn’t long ago that most advertising pundits were ridiculing and criticizing the native ad format.

Jump forward to 2017 and current forecasts estimate that native ads will capture 30% of the global ad spend by 2020.