Author: Richard Anson

Richard Anson

Entrepreneur, Non Executive Director, Advisor

Richard has led Reevoo to become a leading social commerce platform to brands across the retail, travel and auto industries, in 90 countries and 30 languages.

Prior to founding Reevoo, Richard was a senior strategy consultant at KPMG covering the technology, media and telecoms space; interim Head of Group Planning at Orange, covering 22 countries; and part of the team managing investments of up to £5 million at 3i.

He has a PhD from the University of Bristol and MBA from the Cranfield School of Management.

Domain expertise: Social commerce, e-commerce, omni-channel retailing, consumer engagement, deep understanding of consumer behaviour, consumer generated content, business intelligence, internet marketing.

Functional expertise: Driven and engaging leader, general management, strategy, sales and business development, innovation and product development

The rise of social commerce engagement on mobile devices

26% of consumers access customer reviews and consumer conversations on mobile devices for PCWorld and Currys. This trend is only going to accelerate. 

Retailers and Brands must ensure they provide their customers with a seamless mobile experience that includes all their social elements. 

They cannot afford to wait. Those who fail to will simply lose customers. 


Consumer trust and the new dynamics of buyer behavior

Against recent years’ difficult economic background, consumer buying behavior has changed dramatically, leading to an increase in customer acquisition costs via “traditional marketing”.

Today’s buying journey is more accurately represented by a walk of multiple paths as opposed to the still used but now outdated “purchase funnel”.  

Today’s purchase journey combines in-store visits; research conducted online and via mobile web, search queries, visits to comparison websites, visits to brand and retail websites; and, critically, consulting trusted reference sources such as customer reviews and the opinions of friends and family.


Social engagement drives sales and advocacy for brands

Those brands that have embraced customer reviews are now starting to look at how they can drive increased engagement with their customers by facilitating, embracing and in some cases participating in customer to customer conversations, to drive sales and advocacy.

With 89% of consumers reading reviews before some or all purchases, most now see reviews as a must-have for brands.


How the automotive industry can use social commerce

The social side of shopping for your next car has always existed, in the form of recommendations from friends or family, but the growth of online retail has changed the landscape for buying and selling cars, whether online or offline. 

Following on from this look at how the automotive industry uses the web, I'll look at how the automotive industry can take advantage of the opportunity that social commerce offers them online.