Author: Richard Gascoyne

Richard Gascoyne

Rich leads the Americas business unit at EngageSciences, a next generation social marketing activation platform.  He has 24 years of experience in marketing technology, ranging from Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) to Claremont Technology Group to Vignette (now Opentext) working with leading brands including Pepsi, News Corp, Prudential, NYLife, and many others. He has run several highly successful product, services, sales and partner teams and has had the opportunity to live and work internationally, servicing clients in Australia, Mexico, France, Sweden, England, and the US.

Three lessons social marketers can learn from email marketers

The  world of social media has led to significant hype about the possibilities this  emerging channel offers  marketers.  And there is certainly a lot about social media that should get the experienced, informed and enabled marketer salivating. 

Social media is not, however, the first new channel marketers have had to adopt in recent years. We don’t hear much about how practitioners of social marketing can learn from their colleagues operating in other marketing channels, specifically email, which has evolved considerably in the last few years as well.