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Richard Maven helps run the Econsultancy blog as well as contributing to our Buyer’s Guides and other reports. He’s has several years’ experience in the telecoms/media/ecommerce space, both in the UK and the Middle East.

Mobile roundtable - best practice debate wide open

Mobile is not a subject that attracts widespread agreement, as shown by our recent list of analyst forecasts .

And it was no different at our recent Mobile Internet Roundtable, where a lot was discussed but I don’t think was necessarily settled.


Q&A: ‘super-affiliate’ Jamie Harwood

Six years ago, Jamie Harwood, like many new affiliates, was working out of his bedroom and wondering how long it would all last. Now, he’s sitting on an estimated fortune of £18m and is one of the most successful players in the affiliate space.

Here, we talk to the head of UK Web Media about the secrets of the affiliate game and where he sees new opportunities emerging in the industry. He also tells us what retailers could be doing to improve their use of the channel and lays out his plan for international expansion.

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Q&A: Lovefilm's Craig Sullivan on A/B and multi-variate testing

Here, we speak to Lovefilm's digital and usability product manager Craig Sullivan about the work the DVD rental company has been doing in multi-variate testing (MVT).

Craig is a bit of an evangelist on MVT - a hot topic right now - and has some great insights into when and how best to use it, the differences with A/B testing and how to intepret results. 


Q&A: Incisive Media's Tim Weller on B2B publishing online

Tim Weller is the group chief executive of Incisive Media and talks to us about his successful approach to B2B publishing.


Q&A:’s Jonathan Wall on e-commerce

Jonathan Wall is the marketing director at, the online technology retailer bought by BT in 2006.

Here, we ask him about the company’s latest efforts around acquisition, conversion and retention, including a current project to digitise its print catalogues.

He also gives us some interesting thoughts on cashback affiliates and shopping comparison sites, as well as the good stuff IT manufacturers are doing to support retailers like Dabs.


Q&A: Livebookings’ David Norris on restaurants and e-marketing

Livebookings Network is a real-time restaurant booking service whose clients include The Ritz, Gordon Ramsay Holdings, La Tasca, Planet Hollywood and Rainforest Café, as well as portals like Time Out London and

It bagged £6.5m in funding in a round led by Balderton Capital earlier this year and is planning to expand its presence in the UK and Europe.

Here, we speak to COO David Norris about which types of restaurants are making the best use of online marketing and what other opportunities are out there for its aggregated reservations model.


Q&A: Jeff Molander on affiliate marketing

Jeff Molander is the CEO of Molander & Associates, which provides strategic guidance to entrepreneurs, private and institutional investors, agencies, multi-channel retailers and service marketers.

We asked him a few questions about the thorny issue of cannibalisation of sales by affiliate marketing and what retailers can do to solve it.


Q&A: Media Corp's Justin Drummond on online advertising

Justin Drummond is a well-known dotcom veteran and the founder of Media Corp, the LSE-listed business that includes online ad network Eyeconomy and various in-house websites.

The company has been diversifying away from its gambling investments after the US ban last year and is now looking to expand into Europe and the US.

Despite several interruptions from Justin's PR person, we managed to ask him a few questions about the highly competitive ad network space and where he sees the industry heading.


uBid preps European launch

uBid, the US-based online marketplace for discounted products, is preparing to enter the UK in the coming months following a reorganisation of its business.

The company joins rival Overstock in targeting Europe for the first time this year as US merchants look to get their hands on more foreign currency. It will also provide more competition for the likes of eBay and Amazon in the battle to attract buyers of cheap goods.

uBid CEO Jeffrey D. Hoffman told E-consultancy: “We are looking to acquire both buyers and sellers in European markets and are setting up an office in Europe. It will likely be in the UK.”


Q&A: Dyscern’s Bill Frischling on online marketplaces

US-based consumer electronics retailer Dyscern is a great case study of how to make serious money on online marketplaces like eBay.

The company, which started up only five years ago, is now sixth in Inc. Magazine’s list of America's fastest growing retailers and is reportedly the most rapidly expanding eBay Powerseller on the other side of the pond.

We spoke to Dyscern COO Bill Frischling about the pros and cons of eBay as an e-commerce channel for merchants, and how the firm is looking to ramp up its European sales.

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Q&A: Dailymotion's Kate Burns on monetising UGC

Kate Burns was recently appointed UK MD of video sharing site Dailymotion as the French start-up looks to expand internationally.

We asked the former Google exec about the challenges of monetising user generated content and how she is planning to build up the site's appeal to users and brands.


Q&A: GE Money’s John Wyllie on Web Analytics

John Wyllie is the global web analytics manager at GE Money – a role in which he advises and directs the analytics activities of the company’s numerous international businesses.

We asked him a few questions about how analytics can best be managed within organisations, and how the financial services industry stacks up against other sectors.