Author: Rita Auta

Rita Auta

Rita is a communications professional with expertise in helping small and mid-sized businesses to attract their ideal audience online and offline.

Working with businesses of this size she is experienced in using lean and efficient marketing methods to achieve maximum results within the client's available resources.

Originally trained in traditional marketing methods, in the last 5 years she has honed her online marketing skills and is knowledgeable on social media, blog marketing and online media relations.

A case for UX testing and Agile

A recent report, published here on the Econsultancy blog, revealed a staggering 45% of companies aren't performing any UX testing when developing a creative project.

Whether it's a website or an app, user experience (UX) is an important factor in both the success, and the scalability of a product.

Together with the flexibility of the Agile approach to development, it can help you to build a better, more satisfying product.