Author: Rob McNair

Rob McNair

mycleveragency is a full service global social media agency working with a diverse client base.

We are solely focused on the social web and we are passionate about building brands. We team up with companies to leverage all forms of social media to create conversations, increase word of mouth and build lasting relationships. 

Is Twitter transforming the way we watch TV?

Social media monitoring company Brandwatch has recently undertaken a study to unveil how Twitter is transforming the way we watch TV.  

The study, which analysed Twitter conversation during 50 of the top UK and US TV shows has highlighted a number of key TV ‘dual screen’ behaviours.

It has outlined the TV shows are taking full advantage of their Twitter presence in order to grow and retain a loyal customer following.


Facebook cheat sheet [Infographic]

Need to save time (while wasting some) on Facebook? Here’s a handy infographic on all the keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate your way around the number one social network.

The Facebook cheat sheet also offers shortcuts for the Facebook emoticons, including one for your own brand page! 

The majority of shortcuts use Alt+ a number, however all these work differently across specific browsers. 

Facebook Brand Pages

A further look into Facebook’s new brand pages

After weeks of speculation, Facebook has finally unveiled its new brand pages as we discussed earlier today.

Here's a further look through some of the most notable changes in more detail including the loss of landing tabs, and what it means to you and your business.