Author: Rob Thurner

Rob Thurner

Rob is an established mobile consultant, author, trainer, and speaker.

He is Founding Partner of Burner Mobile, the consultancy business which helps solve clients’ business problems with innovative, mobile solutions. 

Rob has written two books on Mobile Marketing best practice:

Four key talking points from our mobile marketing roundtable

I recently hosted an Econsultancy roundtable discussion where senior client-side marketers shared their successes and challenges in regards to mobile marketing.

The roundtable was subject to the Chatham House Rule so attendees will remain anonymous.

Google result for mobile friendly home page

Mobilegeddon one month on: five rules of thumb

Google's new search algorithm, which has been dubbed 'Mobilegeddon', was feared to bring ruin to businesses without a mobile-optimised site.

One month on, what's actually changed?


Delivering a first class mobile site: five key challenges

We should replace 'mobile first' with 'customer first'.  Think about the many ways you can personalise the site based on that unique user.