Author: Robert Weatherhead

Robert Weatherhead

A veteran of search engine marketing with experience in all digital channels I have worked for the past 6 years for Latitude Group in various roles.  Currently heading up the SME function I focus on delivering low cost digital marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses directly through the Latitude Express brand and via partnerships.  Previous to this I was responsible for Latitude's non search products and clients and have experience of display advertising, affiliate marketing, social media optimisation, email marketing and aggregators.

Mobile search offers opportunities for SMEs

Our recent research has unearthed some interesting trends within the mobile search marketplace. When reviewing data for Q2 we were confident that the PPC traffic through mobile on Google would surpass Bing PPC traffic and in Q3 we saw that materialise.

Google PPC traffic is now at around 4% of total PPC traffic, almost double that from Bing. Not the kind of stats that Microsoft will want to see ahead of the search alliance in the UK with Yahoo next year.

This makes mobile search something anybody involved in search engine marketing should be considering. And with much of the search volumes from mobile devices coming from localised queries SMEs should be looking to maximise this opportunity and lead the way in a world traditionally dominated by large budgets.

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Google needs to decide how it is going to crack the SME market

Google currently has numerous initiatives aimed at reaching the UK small business owner but many of these conflict with each other and none appear to be achieving much traction.  

With at least four projects all aimed at achieving the same goal would Google not be better off picking one strategy and sticking with it?


Demand side platforms bring display into the hands of search marketers

There is a lot of buzz in the digital world at present around the rise of demand side platforms and real time bidding being the future for display advertising and particularly network buying.  

With all the data, technology, and bidding involved, paid search marketers could find themselves best placed to take advantage of the rising popularity.

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Google changes its trademark policy (again!)

Google has announced changes to the way in which it deals with trademarks and Google AdWords at a press conference this morning.

In a move which brings the UK in line with its US policy, advertisers will now be able to include trademarked words and phrases in their Google ads without the trademark owners permission.