Author: Robin Gurney

Robin Gurney

I'm an internet marketing veteran. I set up an internet marketing agency in UK 1997 (sold 2002) and another, the first of its kind, in Estonia in 2004 (sold 2012).

Now I act as a lecturer, consultant and trainer in Europe and Asia, splitting most of my time between Estonia and The Philippines.

I have been called a T-shaped internet marketer with a broad range of skills from strategy, SEO, to email marketing to analytics but my first, and enduring, love is CONTENT.

Geeks on a beach 2013: the state of digital in the Philippines

Digital marketing is growing fast in the Phillippines and the situation reminds me of the 1997-2002 period in the UK when anything seemed possible.

I had the honour to be invited to speak at the first ever Geeks on a Beach (GOAB) held on Boracay Island, September 26-27, 2013.

My presentation included key findings from, and my personal insights into, The State of Digital in Asia 2013 on behalf of Econsultancy Asia.