Author: Ruth D'Arcy-Daniel

Ruth D'Arcy-Daniel

Ruth is a Certified Usability Analyst with a background in user experience research and end-user software training.  Her experience spans 15 years across a range of industries in both the public and private sectors.  Ruth is a member of the Usability Professionals Association and The Institute of IT Training.

Ruth currently works as a consultant for, providing expert usability reviews for clients,  usability testing consultancy and contributes to their site review blogs. 

Now showing at a cinema near you, or is it?

During a recent spot of unavoidable eavesdropping in a slow-moving queue, I overheard two ladies expressing great frustration at their less than positive experiences on cinema websites.

We decided to investigate, and asked potential users to visit three sites and carry out some simple, typical tasks that cinema-goers would be likely to perform online.

The sites we tested were Cineworld, Empire Cinemas and Odeon.