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Ryan Sommer

Ryan Sommer is a web veteran and recovering expat working in the tech industry with an emphasis on social media, content marketing and SEO. Having worked as a products intern at Wired magazine, and subsequently in specialized fields of the communications industry, he has developed expertise in both hardware and software-related tech, music, media and more.

Specialties: Branding, identity, community building, community relations, market research, social media relations, user acquisition, web browsers, mobile, desktop software, social networking, web standards, open source, identity/OpenID, design, music, gadgets, blogging, SEO, content marketing

Start Me Up! A profile of Rankinity

As content marketing and SEO grow in importance for all sorts of online business, so does the need for real-time keyword analysis.

Rankinity allows you to check positions of a website for certain keywords in all popular search engines in real time.

The founders of Rankinity are hoping that flexible reports and wide means for joint operation (it can take a lot of cross-department teamwork to successfully manage SEO) will make their service "an irreplaceable assistant both for a SEO savvy and a website owner".


Start Me Up! A profile of Curalate

Curalate offers visual analytics for marketers looking for metrics on popular sharing platforms like Pinterest. 

The startup recently announced Instagram reporting which makes it the first analytics provider to give metrics for Instagram and Pinterest within the same dashboard. 

We spoke with Curalate to find out what has been making them tick.


Integrated Marketing Week 2013: Jonathan Salem Baskin on "Search is not broken"

As part of our Integrated Marketing Week speakers series, we have a great line up of experts in the digital and integrated marketing space. Our second interview features Jonathan Salem Baskin who also spoke at JUMP 2013 in New York.

Jonathan Salem Baskin founded Baskin Associates in 2003 to put decades of experience in digital marketing to good use for clients. We featured insights he contributed to AdAge ("a social campaign that does nothing but entertain is as artificially opaque as the worst output of the bad old days of mass media") in this 2010 post.

Read on to find out Jonathan's current thoughts around the state of search, "big data" and more.

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Five great UX presentations on Slideshare

While Slideshare presentations can be light on words, many of the most important UX principles still come across through the visuals alone.

Here are some favourites from our internal staff and expert network...


How to use content marketing and Twitter Cards to boost your app downloads

Twitter's efforts to bring more eyeballs, and thus ad revenue, back to its web experience and branded apps have given content marketers reason to jump for joy.

Here is a breakdown of the current expanded tweets ecosystem, and some targeted strategy for app-based businesses.


Start Me Up! A profile of Clickit Digital

Clickit Digital recently launched out of New York's "Start Up Alley" to help clients target their perfect customers everywhere across online leads, search, display, social media and video. 

With such a lofty premise/propostion, we were excited to get an inside scoop from the founders.


How to create non-news driven content for SEO and content marketing

Savvy marketers know that content marketing is key when it comes to building up a relationship with other sites, social networks, and syndication partners.

Whether or not you agree with slapping the (buzz)phrase 'content marketing' across many of the already commonly used SEO tactics, everyone can agree the technology to find, distribute and track how content delivers ROI (meaning influencer tracking, social analytics, custom CRMs) has really kick-started an interest in the field.

We’ve written broadly on content strategy in the past, but in this post I thought I’d share a bit more about our internal approach to a specific area of content creation.


Shawn Burns, Vice President SAP on multichannel and Integrated Marketing Week

Digital is no longer just a channel, but instead is becoming the center point for customer behavior both on and offline. 

This is one of several themes that will be explored at Integrated Marketing Week (#IMW13) and below Shawn Burns, Vice President SAP who is speaking at the event, tells us why.


Start Me Up! A profile of fresh

Backed By Yammer’s David Sacks, fresh launched a site for verified consumer gadget reviews last month. 

We recently spoke with the team to find out more about their plans.


How to replace Google Alerts for superior competitor analysis

If you work in search, PR or content marketing, you may have experienced an alarming drop off in Google Alerts recently.

Search pioneers and industry specific verticals that rely heavily on tracking competitors via Google Alerts have recently noticed the feed slow to a trickle of what it used to be, but the show must go on!

So, here are some ingenious alternatives from the experts to keep you plugged in.


Three best practice tips for integrating paid search with offline campaigns

Paid search is 'always-on' and a numbers game that needs to be aligned with your offline marketing strategy to reap maximum rewards.

In our recent Paid Search Best Practice Guide, which includes over 300+ pages of tips and best practice, we outline how these ads can support cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Read on for three tips from contributor Chris Camacho, Head of Paid Search at Starcom MediaVest Group


Four examples of digital excellence from #TheDigitals judges

To celebrate the launch of our new digital marketing and ecommerce awards, #TheDigitals, I've rounded up four examples of innovation and digital marketing excellence cited by judges over the course of our Q&A series with them.

The Digitals celebrate, recognise and award excellence in digital marketing and ecommerce.

The awards will draw the best of the best from around the globe, and with extended entires your submission can still make the cut if you get it in before the new deadline of March 26!