Author: Sam Oakley

Sam Oakley

10 years in Online PR and Social Media, 5 at Wolfstar, 2 as an Associate Director with responsibility for new tech and innovtion.

Experience incudes successful campaigns for HSBC, Unilever, & Sony

Currently focussed on working with new tech startups and in particular the use of social data to inform business strategy.

What social media analytics tool to buy?

Five tips for picking the right social analytics tool

If you want a social analytics tool to add value to your business, you have to buy it right.

Check out these five pointers for doing just that.

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smartphones disrupting video capture

Five technologies that are changing the way brands make content

Five years ago if you were a brand and you wanted to make a video, you went to a video agency, begged them to make it more viral than h5n1 and paid through the nose for the privilege.

If you wanted an infographic you went to a design agency, if you wanted to write editorial you went to a PR agency etc…

Your content creation was almost completely outsourced and, unless you had a reasonably serious budget, a great content marketing campaign was probably beyond you.  

That couldn’t be further from the truth today, brands have a wealth of tools that allow them to create highly professional content without the traditional agency brief.

The following are just five examples of the kinds of companies that are driving this change.

Get more out of social data

Five ways listening to social data can help your business

It's broadly accepted that social media data contains a wealth of potentially game-changing insights.

It's also broadly accepted that getting to those insights is nigh-on impossible without having access to data scientists and huge budgets.

I'd argue that the latter is no longer true, here's why...