Author: Sanjit Atwal

Sanjit Atwal

Started in creative and then kicked off a career in advertising at IPC Meda followed by senior positions in digital, technology and social media companies (covering start-ups, SMB's & corporate).

Now Co-Founder and CEO of the award winning Squawka - 2nd Screen web application for sports - launched June 2012. Featured in TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, The Drum, EConsultancy and Wired.

Also Managing Partner at tech investment 'house' - Combusta: designing, visualising & launching products that utilise cutting-edge technology & data to revolutionise areas such as spinal cord Injuries, the education system, ecommerce, live music experiences and the synchronisation of television and multi-platform browsing.

Steps and shadows: getting to grips with digital and sport

The thing about starting a tech business in a new industry is that you need to build up new contacts, more knowledge and generally get a grasp of what the heck brands are spending money on and how the people at the top are seeing the industry growing.

For the past 18 months I’ve been learning all I can about the sports industry and where technology fits in across both fan engagement and digital marketing.

Having spent years in print, digital media, ecommerce and technology and worked with clients ranging from massive multinational travel companies to tarot card readers to the NHS, I thought I had seen it all.

This assumption was erroneous...