Author: Sean Riley

Sean Riley

Sean Riley is CEO of Ad Dynamo. Started in 2009 in South Africa, Ad Dynamo is a global contextual advertising marketplace that enables advertisers to spend less, while helping publishers to earn more.

Ad Dynamo’s UK office opened in London in early 2011. The ad network has also extended its global presence to Nigeria, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and Brazil. Ad Dynamo is funded by Remgro’s venture capital fund, Invenfin.

Twitter’s not just about reach, it’s about readership

People don’t much care for brands’ self-promotional messages on their company Twitter feeds.

When brands tweet users don’t engage, because it doesn’t look like an authentic message from someone they know or trust, it just looks like an ad.

Of the 0.5% of Twitter users that influence the rest, product based brands are rarely the big influencers.


Mary Portas should look online to boost Britain’s high streets

TV presenter Mary Portas believes that Britain’s high streets have been subjected to decades of erosion, neglect and mismanagement, which has led them to the point of extinction, but she’s overlooking a very simple truth.

British consumers habits have changed. The UK has migrated online. To coax local shoppers out from behind their computer screens and back into high street stores British businesses need to reach customers online.

Online advertising should be the answer, but a lack of systems that work have constrained widespread online ad adoption amongst Britain’s smaller, local businesses.