Author: Stephanie Villegas-Ross

Stephanie Villegas-Ross

Stephanie Villegas-Ross is a SEO Account Manager, specialising in the retail sector. She currently works for leading digital marketing agency, 4Ps Marketing.

The Google patent trap for rank-modifying spammers

At the moment there seems to be a patent story in the news every single week but the latest one from Google has caught the attention of a lot of people in the SEO industry.

We’re interested because it’s one that affects how quickly and accurately you can gauge search optimisation results.

This latest patent, which was approved this month, is on ‘Ranking Documents’ and relates specifically to the practice of search engines not altering ranking positions immediately after an on or offsite tweak  that merits such a change. .


Google Offer Extensions: an online impact on footfall

In the current economic climate, with an increase in struggling high street sales, we have witnessed the rise of affiliate programmes and coupon platforms.

Last year Google stepped into the arena with Google Offers (in beta), and has now furthered its stake in the offers race with Google Offer Extensions. 

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