Author: Seth Richardson

Seth Richardson

Seth Richardson is currently the CEO and founder of DC Storm; a web analytics and PPC bid management solution for online marketers.

With a background in software engineering and a degree in environmental engineering Seth has been working in search marketing since its arrival. Previously a database engineer for AltaVista; Seth played a key role in building and developing their tracking and reporting system.

In 2004 seeing a gap in the market for a PPC management tool, DC Storm was born.
Seeing big changes in the industry Seth took the company in the direction of web analytics seeing its huge potential as a vital tool for online marketing professionals. Now CEO of the company, Seth continues to have a driving passion for web data and search marketing. Outside of work, Seth enjoys the finer things in life; including good food, spending time with family and friends and an enthusiasm for sailing.

Digital Cream 2012: attribution hot topics

At Digital Cream London we hosted the attribution management roundtable where we were joined by marketers from some great brands.

The brief was to share experiences and to discuss the issues surrounding attribution and path to conversion analysis.

The day highlighted some consistent themes that are key to many industries and in the interest of continued learning and development among both brand peers and experts, it seemed like a useful idea to document the hot topics and to begin to answer them.

So with ‘Chatham House Rules’ firmly in mind, here we go...


What are your digital marketing nightmares?

It recently dawned on me that I seem to be waking each morning either petrified or inspired about the digital marketing industry.

I voiced this thought at a recent meet up of digital marketers and it seemed to resonate with other people too.

Every day there seems to be a new demon to contend with, Google changes its mind again, the EU tries to flex its muscles or the whole economy lurches further into crisis.

But alongside the fear, the changes and developments create new and exciting opportunities, so I’d like to share three ‘scary’ and three ‘enthusing’ things that have recently played their role in my Halloween nights.


Are some clicks more equal than others?

Booking that dream holiday or buying that new bedroom suite is rarely done in a single surfing session.

People will check out deals from rival suppliers, read reviews and generally mull over their options before they finally press that “Buy Now” button, sometimes days or weeks after their initial visit.